Eddie Cruz

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About Me

My name is Eddie Cruz, a dedicated Software Engineer with a passion for developing innovative solutions in the healthcare industry. With over three years of professional experience, I specialize in backend and frontend development, leveraging technologies such as Python, JavaScript, React, and Django. My previous role, @ The Commons Project, I worked on enabling patients to access and manage their health data seamlessly. My expertise includes working with HL7 FHIR & Smart on FHIR standards, ensuring secure and efficient data integration across various health platforms.

Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to tackle complex problems and deliver high-quality solutions. I am proficient in developing RESTful APIs, designing scalable architectures, and implementing robust data security measures. My experience also extends to working with Docker for containerization, Git for version control, and various database management systems such as Postgres and MySQL. I thrive in collaborative environments and enjoy contributing to open-source projects, and continuously learning new technologies to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Personal Life

Outside of my professional life, I am based in Lakewood Ranch, FL, and enjoy spending my time exploring the beautiful surroundings of the Sunshine State. I have a passion for outdoor activities and often spend my weekends biking around the neighborhood, going to the dog park, or enjoying beach trips and pool days with my wife and our dogs. Nature provides me with a sense of peace and inspiration, and I love discovering new scenic spots and wildlife.

Cooking is another hobby that I deeply enjoy. Experimenting with new recipes and flavors allows me to unwind and get creative in the kitchen. I find joy in preparing meals for my family, and it’s always rewarding to see them enjoy my culinary creations. Additionally, I am an avid sports fan. I passionately follow the New York Yankees, New York Giants, and New York Knicks. Whether it's watching games live or on TV, discussing sports with my brothers, or collecting memorabilia, sports are a big part of my life.

Staying connected with my loved ones is very important to me. I cherish the time spent with family and friends, whether it's through virtual hangouts or in-person gatherings. These moments of connection and shared experiences are what truly matter to me. I believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and strive to live a fulfilling life both personally and professionally.


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